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Save time, save money by going digital with your branding and marketing.

See the Future
The world is becoming more and
and more digitally social as each day passes.
Adapt; save time and money
on radio, TV and newspaper
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Fluid, Flexible
Web layout
Your website will look perfect
on mobile devices as it is on your
desktop,providing an opportunity
for your business to connect
to all users.
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Let's journey together.
We will get there.
The purpose of our existence is
to help establish and shape up
your brand.

About Us

The Blurry is a brand consultancy and design company, offering services to both local and international brands of all sizes in various industries. See our core values below.



We try to do our work in an extra-ordinary way so as to remain unique.


Fun & Engaging

Our relations with you come first in everything, we love to involve you.



We transform start-ups to brands through great strategies and results.

Our Services

Digital vs Traditional


A time to Adapt?

The world is becoming more digital as each day passes. While traditional marketing means may not disappear, internet magazines and flyers are now the order of the day. Buying / Selling, Stock trading and Banking are now common services online. Now is the perfect time for a powerful online campaign. Save lots of TV, Radio and newspaper costs by using cheap and effective marketing of our age. Why wait when it is imperative to have a website? Reach a wider audience on a lower budget and Build lasting relations with clients in the comfort of your office.

See the future differently, embrace technology.

One-way vs Two-way

Business to Consumer relationship is increasingly becoming more important than ever. While Marketing is connecting to clients, knowing what they need and providing accordingly, traditional marketing (newspaper or TV ads) may not have the perfect feedback. It is one way. (Very one way). Build direct relationships with your customers through social media.

Online analysis by the blurry

Why work with us?

We don’t stop working until our clients are completely satisfied with their solution. All of our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. That is our pledge.

We work with you to evaluate the most effective methods to advertise your product and marketing your business. Strategies are created to achieve great results. We have the valuable tools for building a brand and influence perceptions.


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