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How to Build a Brand

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What is a brand?

A brand is product, service other characteristics unique to an organization which differentiates it from competitors according to consumers. A brand name is the name of the unique product or service.

What is branding?

Branding is the process of creating the unique name, symbol, design and image for a product in the consumers’ mind. Branding is achieved through advertising and marketing in a consistent manner. A service or product can be branded while on the other hand branding can be done to the entire corporation.

Brand identity

Brand identity is the face of the brand. It is made up of logos, fonts, colours etc created for an organization to represent their brand to the consumer. The purpose is for creating a certain picture in the client’s mind.

• Logo
• Colours
• Typeface
• Marketing material
• Website design
• Products and packaging
• Photography & graphics

Brand Assets

• Social media messaging
• Voice tone
• Copy
• Mission
• Values
• Brand promise
• Slogan or tagline
• Customer perception
• Customer experiences
• Personality
• Culture

Why brand?

To Beat Competition

In a small nation like Zimbabwe, you can find thousands of businesses. That provides customers with great options but as a business, how do you beat your competition. By making your product unique, you are standing out from the crowd and most likely to attract more clients. Positively distinguish your brand from everyone else.


People usually buy from the brands they know. Once clients trust you, they become loyal to your brand. They brag about using brands they love to friends and family. It becomes easy for people to buy your services or products for the rest of their lives.

Staff Recruitment

A successful brand attracts the best staff. It is an advantage to have experienced and talented personnel dying to work for your organization. You can never go short of creativity and innovation. Good brand strategies help employees to meet the organization’s goals.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

After enjoying a certain brand, people share the feeling with the world. This means they will encourage others to buy and enjoy the experience. It becomes easy to introduce new products as well. Expect more and more referrals.


When you deliver your promise, you have made it big. Clients know what to expect from your company. We all reluctantly buy from brands that honour their promises.


Buying is an emotional decision. Our favourite brands connect with us emotionally. We feel safe and proud when buying the from brands we love. Imagine if you get a Samsung phone when you love apple or vice versa? You will not enjoy using the product despite its greatness. Establishing a powerful brand can help you keep your clients and improving their expectations.

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