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A website that sets you up for real business.

Can a bad design chase potential clients away? Yes! With a design team that knows how to create a great user-experience, the blurry came up with a refreshed design for Canaan group international to help reduce the bounce rate. With that; we have helped graduates enroll at the most prestigious institutions globally.

Built to stand out globally

Canaan group international is business with a larger network across the world. As a business representing Africa abroad, the website was designed to match international standards in all ways.

Goal: Increase Reach

Growth is a necessity for any business and CGI is not an exception. For this brand, the first step was to widen their audience as a way of spreading the gospel of academic exchange with international stakeholders.

User experience

With a simple, straightforward icons and an easy to navigate interface, the website traffic dramatically improved. As the blurry, we proved once again that design can be used to enhance user-experience.