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Zimbabwe Disaster Relief Agency, ZIRDA is a registered Zimbabwean apolitical humanitarian organization. The target of ZIDRA is to have the seismic waves of the organization’s operations shake the whole of Zimbabwe, though at its inception in 2018, ZIDRA had Mashonaland East province as its focus and Manicaland as its epicentre. Their website must stand out while serving its purpose as well.

Their mandate is to Define and describe Disaster, Identify Disaster, Diagnose Disaster, Prevent Disaster, Assess the extent of Disaster, Raise awareness on Disaster, Prescribe mitigation for Disaster, Relieve communities victimized by Disaster, Create forums for stakeholder discussion and analysis of Disaster and to Build scenarios on future Disaster within the entire Zimbabwean community.

The Blurry worked together with their team, created a logo, print layout deliverables and a website that represents the organisation.

Logo Design


Zidra business card designx
Zidra business card designs
Zidra Profile By The Blurry
Zidra Profile By The Blurry

Website Design

Zidra websites by the blurry
Zidra website by the blurry
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