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Website design + SEO

What is a website?

A Website is a collection of World Wide Web pages which are files accessed over the internet. For example, Wigatap is a company with their own website. They can put all the information they want on their site including company profile, services offered, news and promotions. People visit this website by typing the address (URL – Uniform resource locator) on the address bar. From the comfort of their homes or anywhere, anytime, clients can still purchase certain services, see updates and ask questions without having to go there physically.

Why do i need one?

  • Helps you find new clients
  • Inform existing clients on promotions or change of operations
  • 24 hours of operation, no down-time
  • Provide customer support. They can ask while at home
  • Saves marketing costs
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Opens up new markets
  • Helps you to compete with the large companies
  • Makes you look professional
  • Helps to build trust

Website design

Before you even start advertising, you need to build a website. Your website will then house all your advertising material, company profile and business portfolio. A website then markets your product and services 24 hours a day. It allows your clients to know more about your business without you paying millions for advertising on expensive platforms. A website is cheap but effective.

Stages & Process

  • Hosting & Setup
  • User Interface Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • eCommerce
  • Management
  • Easy-to-use website if you want to update on your own.
  • Information Architecture

Brand Identity

Branding identity service

As a network strengthened by customers and partners who are at the heart of your business, it is essential to communicate in a way which is true and consistent across all the brand expressions. Establish logos, fonts, colours and communications that will connect with your brand.  For customers to easily recognize your service, you need to stick to a distinct chosen culture or way of operation so much that they can even recognize the voice of your employees or staff on the telephone.


  • Branding
  • Style guides
  • Copywriting
  • Icon Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Graphics

What is a brand?

A brand is product, service other characteristics unique to an organization which differentiates it from competitors according to consumers. A brand name is the name of the unique product or service.

Brand identity

Brand identity is the face of the brand. It is made up of logos, fonts, colours etc created for an organization to represent their brand to the consumer. The purpose is for creating a certain picture in the client’s mind.

What is branding

Branding is the process of creating the unique name, symbol, design and image for a product in the consumers’ mind. A service or product can be branded while on the other hand branding can be done to the entire firm.


  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Typeface
  • Marketing material
  • Website design
  • Products and packaging
  • Photography & graphics

Brand Assets

  • Social media messaging
  • Voice tone
  • Copy
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Brand promise

More Brand Assets

  • Slogan or tagline
  • Customer perception
  • Customer experiences
  • Personality
  • Culture

Why brand?

To beat competition

In a small nation like Zimbabwe, you can find thousands of businesses. That provides customers with great options but as a business, how do you beat your competition. By making your product unique, you are standing out from the crowd and most likely to attract more clients. Positively distinguish your brand from everyone else.


People usually buy from the brands they know. Once clients trust you, they become loyal to your brand. They brag about using brands they love to friends and family. It becomes easy for people to buy your services or products for the rest of their lives.

Graphic designing

Print Layout Design

Need a spectacular business card, brochure or folder to look professional? We will craft unique, visually attractive designs. Stay up to date with recent company profile designs, business cards and colourful brand manuals that reflect your values.

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Brochures
  • Presentation folder design
  • Posters
  • Brand Collateral
  • Packaging
  • Cover Art
  • Wedding Invites
  • Flyers
  • Book Covers
  • Newspaper design
  • Quotation invoices

Logo Design

A logo is the immediate representation of your brand. The most important thing that your logo does is help your customers recognize and remember your business or product. You don’t just want a logo but an ambassador. While a poorly designed does not mean your services and products are of a lower standard, it may send such a message to the client and change their overall judgement of your firm. Look professional while also beating your competition by getting a unique custom-made logo.

  • Logo Development
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Naming
  • Tag Lines
  • Brand Strategy
  • Style guides

Social media marketing

Website Evaluation

  • Speed
  • Weaknesses
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Video content?
  • Are the call to actions clear?

Is the website mobile-friendly?

  • Speed on mobile
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing?

Social Media Evaluation

  • How often are you posting content?
  • Is the content compelling? We measure this by amount of engagement you get on posts. Like, comments, shares etc.
  • Which posts get the highest engagements. This can help in creating future posts.
  • Is the content consistent with the Brand.
  • Do they offer discounts to clients who post about their businesses?

What We Will Do For You


  • Content Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Targeting the right traffic
  • Visual Design
  • Measuring Progress


  • Content Management
  • Publishing Schedules
  • Content Promotion
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Traffic funneling


Marketing & Advertising

  • Digital brochures
  • Digital newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Social Media banners
  • Point of sale
  • Direct mail
  • Advertising designs
  • Video editing & Animation

How we do it

We work with you to evaluate the most effective methods to advertise your product and marketing your business. Strategies are created to achieve great results. We have the valuable tools for building a brand and influence perceptions.

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