Rebranding a construction company into a leading borehole drilling and solar systems brand.

After years of little success in construction, Wigatap decided to convert into a borehole drilling business. The Blurry was tasked with coming up with a strategy, new identity designs as well as social media marketing.

Strategies that sell

In such a saturated industry, the idea was to dominate the space by adopting a cheap but effective marketing solution. Great presentation crafted by our design team meant that the brand would eventually stand out.

Goal: Improve sales

The main goal was to boost the company’s sales. In just a year, Wigatap is standing head and shoulders above competition in all aspects of the borehole drilling business despite the humble beginnings.

Brand Experience

A robust design system helped giving our brand the edge. From the way clients are dealt with, to the delivery by the technical team, guidelines were strictly followed to ensure that we create a good relationship with the people when we work with them and on their properties.

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